confused about login

have installed linux 6.1 and have rebooted. the program scrolls down and puts an "O.K" net to all the files it has installed. then it wants a login and password.#1 does this sysytem actualy need a password to run it or can a password be left out? #2 if a password is mandantory to run the system,give me some clue in laymans terms how to procede step by step to add a password and login. thanks
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mwnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes ... Linux is UNIX based OS that DOES require users too logon ... whether it's a single user setup or multiuser.

During the installation procedure you will be prompted for setting a "root" password. The user "root" has ALL priviliges ie. if your not careful you can damage your system !

If you have forgotten your "root" password ... I believe that you have to re-install your Linux OS ! So next time ... remember the password ... it safes you alot of time :-)


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