Redhat 6.1 X windows newbie

I just installed Redhat 6.1 and I chose the server installation option upon download. How do I get the machine to boot up to X windows instead of the Bash? shell.
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0. Gather Info on the type of Video Card and Monitor
1. Log in as root
2. at the prompt type Xconfigurator
3. Xconfigurator should be able to probe for your card type. If not, you may have to dig up the manual for your card and add that info.
4. Xconfigurator should show you a list of monitors after that. Find you monitor type in the list. If its not in the list you can choose Custom and enter the settings manually.
BE CAREFUL: You can really fry a monitor with some of the setting listed.
5. At this point Xconfigurator will ask if you want to probe for card settings. I usually do the probe. If it fails you'll have to enter the info on Video RAM and Clocks by hand. Not for the uninitiated. If probing works it should try to show a display and ask you if you can see this message.
6. At this point you should be able to set the resolutions that you want and if you want to boot into X.

All this being said, I try NOT to run X on a server. Redhat seems to agree w/ me on this I guess since they don't go through the setup for you. X steals precious resources that would normally go to the server app you're hosting. Esp. if you run Enlightenment and Gnome (or KDE). ANYTHING you can do with a GUI in Linux can be done without the GUI.  

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belch2000Author Commented:
I thought that I might have to re-install and choose the GNOME installation next time.  I chose server, because I wanted to learn how to set up Linux as a WebServer, but I don't know enough about the operating system to work without the GUI yet.
The best install option IMHO is Custom. It gives you the most control over what goes on the machine. However, if you get a chance take a look at how redhat partitioned your machine for a server setup. They setup a /var and /boot partition there. (look at /etc/fstab) that is a VERY good idea esp on a webserver where logs can get pretty big.
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