copy files to a DOS floppy ?

I used to be able to use a doscp
command on my old linux box, but
I just installed a minimal RH 6.0
system, and this command is no longer
available.  What one package do I have to install to get this functionality?
doscp, dosdir, etc.
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Try this:  Assuming you have kernel or module support for the msdos filesystem,
and assuming that a mount point like
/mnt/floppy/ exists, run as root:

mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

Then, just use the unix cp command to
copy files to /mnt/floppy.  Filenames will be truncated to the DOS "8.3" limit.

Then, get out of /mnt/floppy, and run:

umount /mnt/floppy

You can't umount the current directory,
in other words.  Take out your disk and it will have the files on it.  The mount man page is worth looking at too.
It explains all this in large detail.

Hope this helps :^)

Bill Cunningham

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Assuming that you also installed the msdos compatibility module, test this:

m<doscommand> <source> <destination>

m<doscommand> is any basic dos command. Note that it is preceded (in one word) by the letter "m". For example:

mcopy a:\homepage.html /usr/local/bin/html/afile.html
mdir a:

<source> and <destination> follows the syntax of dos (uses a: b: c: and "\") and unix (directory and file syntax, and "/")

Try them. If these commands do not work, install the dos compatibility module.
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