using SB Live and Win2k (2031)

I understand that Microsoft adds SB Live Win 2000 native BETA driver after Build 2054. I heard that soemone exacted out the driver -> SBLive.rar <- and tested it on Build 2031 and said it works great. How to I try this method if I do not have build 2054 available to me? Can someone please send me this driver and advise me how to install it so I don't keep getting the fatal blue screen of death?
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netmageConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How did that sblive driver i posted you work?

I have the files for that 2031 sblive hack in an untried archive i d/loaded some time ago.

Where can i post them to?

Install it as usual when installing new hardware. The sblive.inf file is within this archive.

cpthyland2Author Commented:
are these the drives that I understand from the later versions of win2k (2054) that work?  If so, could you e-mail them to me ( and I can post them on a website page I'm in the process of creating for others to use as help
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I have posted the driver to your email address.
It is nearly 3 meg in size.

I'll look forward to reading the results of the installation.

Sblive works fine in build 2183, 2167 and more.
I will post a address for the drivers if you need them, but it sounds like netmage already did you the favor.
where do I get the drivers?
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