Companies writing Microsoft-Linux software switches?

I'm looking for names of companies writing software that allow a user to switch back and forth between a Microsoft OS and a Linux OS.  Whether or not they have a product on the market... who is working on this.
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Linux has DOSEMU and WINE.  These let you run DOS and Windows programs from Linux.  They both work ok; WINE can't run any really big Windows programs like Powerpoint, but it works with Solitaire...

Then on the other hand, both NetManage and Hummingbird sell software that is basically an NT based X server.  You can run unix programs on an NT machine.
Hummingbird is a Canadian company. NetManage is in USA.  I have used both their products and they work ok.

Sun Microsystems sells a card that goes into an Ultra that basically puts a pc inside the Ultra.  You can have an MS Word window on the screen next to a Solaris xterm.

Maybe this is at least a start for ya.

Take care.

Bill Cunningham
Vmware lets your run both oses side by side and switch back and fourth between them like virtual terminals.
so :)
answer = vmware? :))

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Your question does not make it clear what you want.

If you are looking for a program that will allow you boot your machine in either Linux or Windows, look no further. Linux includes the lilo utility which gives you the option of booting to either system. I recommend reading about lilo in the documentation for your Linux. If you use Red Hat you will find an installation manual online at

If you are looking for something to allow you to "hot switch" between operating systems you should look at VMware at the web site. This is a good solution *IF* you *really* need hot switching, but it is not as stable as the dual boot option above.

If you just want to run Windows programs under Linux, try wine which does an admirable job of getting most non-Microsoft programs working under Linux. MS products generally are not well behaved enough to work under wine. If you run Red Hat Linux, wine is included as an RPM which makes installation very easy. For information on wine, go to

I hope this helps!

J. Crouchet
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