how much is my pc worth?

i would like 2 know how much my pc is worth here is my pc details

Operating System   System Model
Windows 95 B (OSR2)   Compaq  
Processor   Main Circuit Board
60 megahertz Intel Pentium   BIOS: Compaq 486W 04/13/94
Drives   Memory Modules
924 Megabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
15 Megabytes Hard Drive Free Space

Generic floppy disk drive (3.5")
QUANTUM LPS270A (270 MB) [Hard drive]   24 Megabytes Installed Memory
Controllers   Display
Standard Floppy Disk Controller
Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller   Matrox MGA Ultima/Impression PCI [Display adapter]
(Unknown Monitor)
Bus Adapters   Multimedia
AMD PCI SCSI Controller   MS Windows Sound System Compatible
Wave Device for Voice Modem
Windows Sound System Sound Blaster Emulation
Buses   Communications
EISA bus
PCI bus   56000bps External Fax Voice Modem
AMD PCNET Family Ethernet Adapter (PCI&ISA)
Network Card MAC Address: 00:80:5F:D8:B8:B2
    Other Devices
    Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard
Standard PS/2 Port Mouse
Microsoft Fax [Printer]
OLICHROME Olivetti JP190 [Printer]
Rendering Subsystem [Printer]
Installed Software
Adobe Acrobat Version 2.1*
AirteQ - PRODUCTS Application Version 1, 0, 0, 1*
Attica Interactive Ltd - OS Version 2 Version 1, 0, 0, 0*
Banner Blue Software Incorporated - Microsoft Organization Chart Version 2,0,0,1016*
Belarc Advisor and BelLive - Belarc's Content Personalization with Privacy Version 2.5d*
Cerious Software Inc. - ThumbsPlus Version 3, 0, 3, 1*
Cerious Software, Inc. - ThumbsPlus Version 3, 2, 0, 0*
Cx95 *
Dante' Productions - Electronic Assistant Version*
DownloadAccelerator Application Version 3, 5, 0, 1*
Europress Software - Klik & Play Stand Alone Game *
HeadLight Software. - GetRight Version 3.1*
IMSI & Europress Software - Multimedia Fusion Stand Alone Application *
Just The Fax *
Microsoft Corporation - Clip Gallery 3.0 for Windows Version 3.0* Microsoft Corporation - DirectShow Version*
Microsoft Corporation - Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.00.2014.200*
Microsoft Office Version 8.0*
Microsoft Outlook Version 8.0*
Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows Version 8.0*
Microsoft® Access Version 8.0.3512*
Microsoft® Find Fast Version 8.0*
Microsoft® Internet Services Version*
Microsoft® Schedule+ for Windows 95(TM) Version 7.0*
Microsoft® Word for Windows® 97 Version 8.0*
NetMeter 2 *
Nico Mak Computing, Inc. - WinZip Version 7.0*
Nullsoft Winamp Version 2.23*
Shortcut to roadfigh *
The Microsoft® Network Version 1.60.0*
Trap Shooting Pro *

* Click to see where software is installed.
Copyright 1997-8, Belarc, Inc. All rights reserved.
Legal notice. U.S. Patent 5665951 and Patents pending.  


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I saw a 200mhz pentium computer with 32meg memory, along with 1.6 gig hard drive (I think) going for 115.00. You might be able to get that locally, but don't look for much more.

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If you are thinking about selling it then the value is whatever the market will bear, usally a working system of that speed sold locally you should be able to get $200 to $250.
That may sound low to you for a system that when new probably cost close to $2000, but look around and see what comparable computers are selling for (don't forget to add shipping charges if not local). Consider this, if I was buying your system from you  the most I would be willing to pay would be around $100 to $125, because once the shipping charges are added in you are near the total value of the system ($200 to $250) and also it usally is easier to sell to someone if they can try it before buying (advantage of local selling)
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