dealing With Another Computer On Network

How Can I TurnOf Another Computer On A Network,Or For example Format it ,Or Copy Files From It From My Computer
(My Computer Is not The Server)
And The Servr Has Windows NT
Other Stations Has Windows95/98
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TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
OK, to handle files moving between two machines, you must have either a share set up on the other machine to which you have the appropriate rights, you can then use this share as if it were local to you.

e.g. Copy c:\temp\file.txt \\Computer1\TempDir\file.txt

where TempDir is a share on Computer1 pointing to it's c:\temp directory.

If you are an administrator of the network, there are certain shares which are built into NT machines called administrative shares, these are of the form \\Computer1\C$ which gives you access to the root of the c drive on that machine.

In Windows Explorer, (and programatically in vb as well) you can create drive mappings so that let's say drive q: is mapped to the share \\computer1\TempDir.

To turn the computer off, you would need to use api functions to send a remote shutdown message to the workstation. However again you would need to be an administrator in order for this message to be heeded by the workstation.
BalsheAuthor Commented:
Thank You for your very Helpful Answer but the thing is that i want to ask you what can i do to shut down another computer On the network ,lets suppose that i know the administrator password and user name. can u help me with that ,and what is that API Function you are talking about
Thanks again
TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
If you post your Email address, I will send you a VB project which will shut down a specified remote machine.

Simply enter the machine name e.g.

\\Computer1 in the text box and click the button.

There is a lot of code there, mainly to do with the api and setting the appropriate privileges for the shutdown command.


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BalsheAuthor Commented:
BalsheAuthor Commented:
Thank You very Much
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