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I setup a Linux email server.  It is working as a pop & smtp & everything works fine.  I can send & receive mail to and from  What I want to do is host email for other companys.  So I want to setup email for,, etc.  Can this be done?  How?  Please Help.  I would give 100000000 points if I had them.  If i add as an alias on my linux box, and point my DNS ( to the linux box, it works, but under aliases I have only 4 lines.  I know this must write to a file (I'm getting to aliases through linuxconf), where is it?  I'm not even sure if this is the right way to do this and if there is more configuration needed, but it works.  Please respond!!  
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When Aslan asks a question, I HAVE to answer (my main home linux box is Reepicheep...:)

When you enter an email or a web address, you are entering a simple name (like  Jupiter would be the hostname, is the domain.

Your computer has no idea where to find this actual machine on the internet, it must query a service to get this information.  This service is DNS (domain name server) and it translates the name into an IP address (like that your computer can try to locate.  Every computer hooked to the internet has it's own IP address, even my palm pilot when I am getting my email. (you can get this number with the ifconfig command on Unix)

This DNS service is like an online phone book, looking up numbers for given names.  Originally there was a single company in Virginia (USA) that "registered" these domains, loaded this information into their main published database (DNS server), from where it gets mirrored by everyone else, with information trickling down from DNS server to DNS server until it hits the one maintained/used by your ISP.

Recently, they opened up this registration service, and other companies are also registering domains.  Typically, to do this sort of thing, you would talk to your ISP (internet service provider) and they would register your desired domain to a particular IP address, that would either be a machine they maintain, or a machine you maintain hooked to their network.  
My ISP,, will do this for space on their servers for about $200 in set up fees, and about $50 per month maintenance.  This is pretty high, but they offer outstanding service, support, bandwith and reliability.  There are definately cheaper solutions out there, including places that will put allow you to completely set up and maintain a server that is located on their racks in their facility hooked to their network.  I don't know what the going rate for these things is.

Others around here doubtless have more detailed information, but this should be a good overview to get you oriented.

Reepicheep (aka killbill).

zzASLANzzAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
surely this can be done....

1. set up DNS for "" and give it an MX record that points to your host (""). at this point every mail for this domain will be directly handed to you.

2. set up your host to accept mails for "". usually this is done with a file preconfigured for use, which is "/etc/". just enter one domain after another, ie:

3. create the user(-account) for each mailbox (as i assume you will know since it works for ""), ie:

john, jjunior and mary

4. create as many aliases as you may wish in "/etc/aliases". here some examples: john john jjunior john john, jjunior mary

5. don't forget to update your aliases after doing this by running "newaliases"

6. your done.

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zzASLANzzAuthor Commented:
Thank You!!! It worked
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