excel calculate function stays on, phantom macro

After using a calculate function the status bar shows the calculate function is still on.  When I try to run another calculation or update a cell the result will not update until I save the worksheet.  Also, when I open the worksheet I'm asked if I want to start a macro, I used to have a macro but have since deleted it but I still get asked the question
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calacucciaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All right,

could you delete this question, so that it doesn't get attention form anybody anymore in the future.

Normally, you have this as an option on the bottom of your question.

Bye, Calacuccia
Hi ddct,

Hanging around on the general computer area and surprised to see how many specialised topics (for which EE has created 80 several area's e.g. MS Office) are questioned in here. Anyway.

First problem is probably linked to the calculate settings. Check in menu bar
Tools/Options/Calculate which case is checked (probably the lowest of three possibilities: Calculate on command with as an extra 'Calculate when saving document'). You should check the upper case 'Calculate automatically'.

(The words may not be exactly the same as I have a French Excel running and don't know all reminology out of my head).

Second problem: I suppose the message you get is if you want to enable macro(s)/disable macro(s) which indicates that despite you having deleted a macro there is still something hanging around there.

With your file opened, go the the Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11) and look at the corresponding project if there is no mudule present. If yes, go to that module and delete it (if that's what you want).

Hope this answers to your problems.


P.S. When you calculations are not done automatically, you can always force it by using key F9.
ddctAuthor Commented:
I mistakenly posted my excel question in the general computer area (first time user).  I reposted it in the MS office section where my question has already been answered.  Thanks for the response though.
ddctAuthor Commented:
I couldn't find a way to delete my question.  There was no "delete-link" on my page and the help desk was not much help.  So, I'm accepting your answer to get my question off.  I'll be more careful next time...
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