Changing a Network card in Red Hat 6.0

When I installed RH 6.0 a nice little
setup program auto-detected my NIC but
now I would like to change my NIC, but
cannot find  anything that can autosense a new card. I don't want to
re-install linux!  How can I put a new card in, and auto-sense it ?
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Look at the insmod command e.g.
insmod ne io=0x300 irq=5
to install the ne?000 driver

Eventually, some lines in /etc/conf.modules will probably have to be changed, say
alias eth0 ne
options eth0 io-0x300 irq=5

I can't be certain about the "options" sytax as this machine at work hasn't got any options for its card!  

BUT, if you'd partitioned your disk roperly, you'd be able to reinstall without much disruption to your user data, etc.  having a seperate /usr and /home partition can be usefule sometimes.  BUT, as you're on a LAN, backup won't be a problem.  Personally, I find that a RH install only takes 20 mins or so on a P5-100 from CDrom, so it's no big deal to reinstall.  
use linuxconf!!
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