Laptop Screen faded

I have an AJP P200 laptop which has a screen which is almost dead. When it failed it blinked a bit then went completely black. However if you pear at it very closely you can just make out very faint text and images.

The external screen connection works so I know the system is boots correctly.

Has anyone else had a similar problem or have a possible solution/
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Often these can be repaired but it's not a do it yourself process.  It takes the right equipment and knowhow.  I've had laptops with similar problems repaired by Man & Machine:

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ncwAuthor Commented:
What's the cause or faulty part?
The faulty part is the backlite lamp for the screen.  It is possible, but unlikely that it is a bad connection.  These lamps are so fragile, that often you can not purchase them unless you are authorized.   I would recommend sending it in for repair.  I've used both Man & Machine and System Design Advantage, although there are others.
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