Could you someone tell me the logic and the initial code to get the variables in a POST case and how I can test it under DOS. I am confused by what is an environment variable and what is not.
Thx for your help.

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In the form if you use POST, you have to read your data from stdin.  Using GET you have to read from an environment variable.  Here's the example of using POST:

char buffer[BUFSIZ];
long len;

len = atol(getenv("CONTENT_LENGTH"));
fread(buffer, len,1,stdin);
further to szetoa's comment...

the data you read in from stdin takes the form of a list of identifier/value pairs.  Each pair is separated by a '&' sign, and the id and vlue are seperated by a '=' sign.  note that some identifiers may not have values set

all spaces are encoded to the '+' character, and illegal characters (such as '+', '&', '=', and extended chars) are encoded using '%xx' where xx specifies the ASCII value of the character in hex.  (there may be other encodings than ASCII - but i'm unaware of the details)

shout if you need any more info
toulonAuthor Commented:
thx for the inputs. could you make it an answer so I could give you the points an close the question ?
not sure if u mean me - but i thought i'd shove this in anyways - shout if u want any more details


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