USB setup for Windows 95

What is the sequence to setup Windows 95 to support USB Ports?
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swwelshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need at least version 2 of win95 (OSR2). Then you need to find and run the file usbsupp.exe. This is available online from Microsoft or other sites, and it is also available on most OSR2 or later win95 CD's, and on many motherboard driver disks. After installing it, you will need to restart the machine and you will see some messages about repacking files, etc. Then you will need to install the usb device and the root hub. Then (if you are lucky) your usb devices will work
There isn't one
Unless you have Win95 OS2 then it doesn't support USB and the OS2 only does on a limited basis, and not very good then, you really need Win98 to get the proper support for the USB ports
cruiser99Author Commented:
Thanks, with out OSR2 and where to find it.  I would be up the data bus with out a processor.

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