Registering a window class.

Hello Experts.

To register a window class... whe have this structure:

typedef struct _WNDCLASSEX {
    UINT    cbSize;
    UINT    style;
    WNDPROC lpfnWndProc;
    int     cbClsExtra;
    int     cbWndExtra;
    HANDLE  hInstance;
    HICON   hIcon;
    HCURSOR hCursor;
    HBRUSH  hbrBackground;
    LPCTSTR lpszMenuName;
    LPCTSTR lpszClassName;
    HICON   hIconSm;
Theese members:

    int     cbClsExtra;
    int     cbWndExtra;

In the MSDN:

Specifies the number of extra bytes to allocate following the window-class structure. The system initializes the bytes to zero.
Specifies the number of extra bytes to allocate following the window instance. The system initializes the bytes to zero. If an application uses WNDCLASSEX to register a dialog box created by using the CLASS directive in the resource file, it must set this member to DLGWINDOWEXTRA

Well finally my question... Why would I want to allocate extra bytes... How can I use them?.

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The idea is to attach data to a window, something like member variables of an object. You don't have to use a global variable. You can retrieve the data as long as you have the window handle.

It is documented in the Platform SDK.

Extra Class Memory

Extra Window Memory

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