How do you print?

No docs or help files immediately available, so I have this simple question:

How do you send lines of text out to the printer?

I need to know how to open the printer, how to send lines individually, and close it.

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Erick37Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Books Online:

Private Sub Form_Click()
    Dim HWidth, HHeight, I, Msg ' Declare variables.
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler  ' Set up error handler.
    Msg = "This is printed on page"
    For I = 1 To 2  ' Set up two iterations.
        HWidth = Printer.TextWidth(Msg) / 2 ' Get half width.
        HHeight = Printer.TextHeight(Msg) / 2   ' Get half height.
        Printer.CurrentX = Printer.ScaleWidth / 2 - HWidth
        Printer.CurrentY = Printer.ScaleHeight / 2 - HHeight
        Printer.Print Msg & Printer.Page & "."  ' Print.
        Printer.NewPage ' Send new page.
    Next I
    Printer.EndDoc  ' Printing is finished.
    Msg = "Two pages, each with a single, centered line of text, "
    Msg = Msg & "have been sent to your printer."
    MsgBox Msg  ' Display message.
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "There was a problem printing to your printer."
    Exit Sub
End Sub
scrapdogAuthor Commented:
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