Wanting to switch from Redhat/Mandrake

I currently have an old P166 w/ 128meg RAM running Mandrake 6.1.  Its used for FTP server, Web server, Email, and Samba connectivity.  I've got IPCHAINS running to split the DSL line for the whole house, 1 NIC to the router, and the other making the bridge to the local network from the server.

Now I guess my question is this, and its going to sound very newbie-ish.  I've got no experience with any other linux packages and was wondering what other distro's will do all these things somewhat easily for a newbie like me?  I'm not happy with 6.1 and would like to try something else but the wife complains when the server is down for too long :)

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Well, what about 6.1 makes you "not happy"? Is it too GUI, too technical or what?

If you want something that takes some technical know-how but lets you control a lot of little details, try Slackware. If you want something less technical than RedHat, try Corel's new release (which includes WordPerfect).

I'm afraid that is all I can give you without more of a clue about what you are looking for. If you want someone smarter than me to answer it will probably cost you more points. ;-)

J Crouchet
jwonder69Author Commented:
Well, there are lots of things that are making me unhappy.  4 FTP installs in a row failed because one package or another did an incomplete install.  I know its not my connection, its one of the fastest, most stable DSL lines I've seen in a long time. Then there is problems with KDE and GNOME and I think my video driver.  Its an old Stealth S220 with an crappy chipset.  Seems a few times if I leave X open, when I wake up in the morning the machine will have locked up and a poweroff is the only way out.  I'm used to that in WinDoze, not linux :)

Other than that, I guess I'm really just trying to experiment with linux and become more familiar with it as a whole rather than concentrating on RedHat and its derivitives.  
Try SuSE 6.2 or wait a few days for the 6.3...
Which Vversion of XFree are You running?

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