I have the following piece of code:

void *body = "testcode";

wchar_t  *d_Body = SysAllocStringLen(NULL,255);


But when I convert d_Body again to char * and print its value to file,the value printed is junk.

Can I solve the above problem?

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sizeof (body) is sizeof (void*).  You really want to pass the length of the string in, don't you?

Use char* to define the string, and pas strlen(body) instead.  

Its one obvious thing that's wrong anyway. . .

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Make sure you are printing/writing the text with the correct functions.

You would use printf() for ASCII chars, but wprintf for wide chars.

A better way to do your code is to avoid the separate function call altogether and define your code using the standard Windows macro _T.

WCHAR* body = _T("testcode");

If you compile your program with Unicode enabled (define _UNICODE), this will make sure that body is a wide string already.

Also, if you do not object to using MFC, Microsoft has a very convenient macro called A2W() which converts an ASCII string (not just literal stringS) to wide chars. It's useful as long as you don't need to use the wide string outside of the current scope (e.g., outside the current function).

Finally, though this may not apply to simple strings, you can't always convert a wide string to an ASCII string (because most wide characters can't be represented in ASCII, e.g. Chinese characters).
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