Master details with TQuery

How can I do a master detail
relationship between two tquerys ?
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Hi jeurk,

try using TQuery.DataSource. This will execute the query in TQuery (if it is a SELECT statement) each time the record pointer in the DataSource changes. This means the dataset in DataSource is the master in this scenario.

Ciao, Mike
yup, mike is right,
but a bit more explaination from me

for example
query1 is your master and holds the sql-statement

select id, afield, bfield from mastertablename [where somecondition [order by some field(s) [desc]]]

[]-means optional

query2 is your detail and holds the sql-statement

select id, afield, bfield from detailtablename where mid = :id
[and somecondition [order by some field(s) [desc]]]

mid means the field which pointed to the master-id
[]-means optional

now drop two datasources
connect each with one query
adjust the query2-property datasource to the datasource, which is connected to query1

id and (:)id should have the name of your id-name

well, start your app and try
if there problems, just tell

hello ?
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jeurkAuthor Commented:

I can see that that stupid new
system has not taken in account my
comments. I was waiting a reaction to it.
I sayd that I liked your question best
but Mike gave the answer first but
much less detailed. So I was embarrassed
to how to give the points out.

A comment ?
If the details are important for you then give Meikl the points.

Ciao, Mike
hi jeurk,

i'm attempt to say,
'yes gimme the points, barry(inthe) is in my neck',
but what is about sharing the points between me and mike.

just ask for this in the customer-support of ex-ex

meikl ;-)

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jeurkAuthor Commented:
Ok, here are the points.
I'll ask a new quastion for you Lischke.

Thanks guys
Oh, thanks :-)

Ciao, Mike
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