New G4 can't get a stable system

In trying to install a G4 (128Meg-20Gig-DVD-Zip-56k-ATI) with a few peripherals (scan, 2 printers, CD-W, using scsi cards for scan and CD-W, ethernet for laser printer and USB for inkjet printer and a ethernet to local talk box the system works fine for a few hours with mostly Filemaker PRO 4v1-2-3 or filemaker 4.1. But then it goes astray, to a point where even the system won't open normally . I had to go to clean install a new system (8.6) from the CD but problem keeps reappearing . Possible answers : machine flawed, scsi card deficient, lack of localtalk boxes (not appropriatly terminated Ltalk line (1))
I am pretty desperate
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What do you mean by "the system wont open normally"? You mean it wont boot? Have you tried OS9? Are you using the latest firmware for the G4 and your SCSI card?
Have you tried running a disk utility (Norton Disk Doctor)?  It's amazing how many problems a disk utility can fix all by it's self.

Also try running just the "Mac OS 8.6 Base" set in Extensions manager.  Could be a conflict w/ other extensions.  Run system for a little bit and test stability.  If works w/o problems then isolate the conflicting extensions.  (Very easy w/ Conflict Catcher... but not a requirement.)

Need further info about problems experiencing.
(ex.:  Does system bomb, Freeze, Quit unexpectedly,  Error type #'s...)

How long have you had the system?  Did it run smoothly before you started installing peripherials?  Did you install all peripherials in one shot or little at a time?

You have to use OS 9. The G4 is very unstable with 8.6. I have a company which manage about 100 different installations and I had always problems with a G4 not running OS9. Check for a cheap update.

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neofitAuthor Commented:
But many softwares will also need an upgrade to fit nicely with OS9.
This might bring a hefty cost to a "single upgrade" and your answer does not metion this. I think it should.

And Thanks I was beginning to think I was the stupid guy in this matter, as I did things carefully and gradually.
I wouldnt say "many"...the only 2 ive run across are Toast 4 and ATM.
neofitAuthor Commented:
hello weed

and what would be a solution in that case ?

Toast is the only software driving a CD-RW is it not ? are there alternatives ?

actually, system is more stable with Fmaker 5 and no other external device working except a printer
Others are scanner and CD-RW

As it is for Toast, would it be better to use the latest version

and ATM  is needed

And one answer suggested using OS9 but it means a clean install again and finding the very latest version of many software isn't it ?

DOes your answer suggest you have experienced the same kind of problems ?

Thanks in advance

André Lussier
Toast may be the only software for burning CR-RW but 1) an update is on the way and 2) it only has problems with doing a SCSI copy. Toast 4 is the latest version and is the one that should be used for now.

Adobe already has an update for ATM which fixes all os9 problems. Im using it now.

Yes its best to give os9 a clean install but if youve been keeping up to date on your current software you wont have to update anything. If you run into something that doesnt work right and needs an update you can get it from
neofitAuthor Commented:

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