BDE problem & game

Is there any other way to do access a database without using
BDE engine install in the user program?

If yes Which is better?

if no how should I include in installation program (I mean the Install Shield for Delphi) so that I can access my database but on the small capacity of installation?

Can you describe for me what should I do if I have created a game only want to record the user save game to the database how should I do it in Delphi is it through BDE Engine? if not how to do it? describe in detail?
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Hi Lewis,

For a BDE replacment check the following urls out: 

Ciao, Mike
It's for a game; is it for highscores? You could use the registry easily...

Or use a textfile. Read it ;-seperated if your prog start's and overwrite them all (instead of an update) on close.

Add a free encription component to make the file un-understandable...:-)

I just copy-pasted some code:

Use folowing function to get first item from ;-seperated line (you read the file by line), recall the function for the next values.

function TForm1.LeesVeld(var regel: String; Letop: Boolean; Seperator : String):String;
/// take string until first (result); return the rest (regel).
if not(Letop) then
  Result := Copy(regel, 0, pos(Seperator, regel)-1);
  regel := Copy(regel, pos(Seperator, regel)+1, length(regel));
  /// Use Letop (true) if last line contains no info.
  Result := regel;
/// what to wo with ;;? just return the string '0'
if Result = '' then
   Result := '0';

Use this function something like:
PersonBestand: TStringList;

PersonBestand := TStringList.Create;

if not(fileexists(personASCIINaam)) then

except on EFOpenError do
end; {try}

for i := 0 to PersonBestand.Count-1 do
    tmp := PersonBestand.Strings[i];
    pin  := StrToInt(LeesVeld(tmp,false,seperator));
    badge := StrToInt(LeesVeld(tmp,false,seperator));
    waarde := StrToInt(LeesVeld(tmp,false,seperator));
    Naam := LeesVeld(tmp,false,seperator) + ', ' + LeesVeld(tmp,false,seperator);
    Afdeling  := StrToInt(LeesVeld(tmp,false,seperator));
    Telefoon := StrToInt(LeesVeld(tmp,false,seperator));
    personeels_nummer := Waarde + Telefoon - Afdeling - Badge + PIN;
    /// Afdeling aanpassen, alleen laatste 4 cijfers nodig:
{    afdelingstr := inttostr(afdeling);
    Afdelingstr := Copy(afdelingstr, length(afdelingstr)-3, length(afdelingstr) );
    afdeling := strToInt(afdelingstr);}

  end; {try}


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