vb book title

please suggests me some good books for vb with brief descriptions , book title and author ok
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A good book to start with is Teach Yourself Visual Basic 5 in 21 Days by Sams Publishing Fourth Edition. By Nathan Gurewich  ori Gurewich they cover ActiveX Controls better than anyone out their for first time programers. They also show you around the IDE and cover a lot of detail on the basic language. The ISBN 0-672-30978-5 any bookstore or book web site can get it for you for around $30.00.
To extend the VB language a must have is Dan Appleman's Guide to the Win32 API ISBN1-56276-446-2 Cost around $50.00. Dan covers how Windows Operating system works and how to call the API from VB. It is tough reading at first but once you get the concepts you will be know as a VB guruuuuu! Well good luck and happy reading Charles Cope.
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MCSD Training Guide: Visual Basic 6 Exams, 1999, Howard Hawhee, ISBN 0-7357-0002-8

Excelent book as training guide for application development and MSExams. It discusses application design, navigation, data(base) handling, com components, active-X controls, web development, etc. It is NOT a reference listing all objects, properties, events and methods.
If you wnat cheap books as well, you can go to www.informit.com , where they have a selection of very good books, like Using Visual Basic 6, and Sam's Teach yourself Visual Basic 6 in 21 Days, and an easier one for real beginners Sam's Teach yourself Visual Basics 6 in 24 hours.  You can regester there, for free, and then select those books to put into your account, and so everytime you login, you can read those books without searching for itagain.  Also, these books are complete versions, and not trial ones.  If you like them, and wants an actual copy of those books, you can order them online as well.  
What kind of book is good for you really depends on what level you're at.  If you're a beginner, read the Sam's in 24 hour one and Visual Basics 6 From Scratch.  If you're a beginner to intermidiate, the Sams' in 21 days one and the Using Visual Basics 6 one. If you want specific oneslike to on activeX dlls or object orentated programming (OOP), or at advance level, you'll like to try :Dan Appleman's Developing COM/ActiveX Components with Visual Basic 6, and : Visual Basic 6 Interactive Course
Other than Visual Basics books, they ahve a wide varity of other books.  

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