apache front page extensions

I have searched and searched but I cannot find out how to install fp extensions.  I know it is possible because it lists it in the default home page, but I still can't find the install.  I am running mandrake-linux 6 and have apache 1.2 I think.
also, where are the log files for the web server kept by default?
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duy102099Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you can get the apache-fp rpm from there:

humm if i remember well you have to :
1-create the directory for the user
2-add in httpd.conf a line that say in the user directory you can write
3- don t write a ~ before the name of the user(directory)

hummm will try to do it again later :)

keep me inform if it s still not working
the log files are kept where you specify that they should be kept (httpd.conf). you may find out what version of apache you are running, by typing in "httpd -v".

you may want to have a look at the unix-frontpage-extensions newsgroup at msnews.microsoft.com.

installing frontpage extension is not the easiest thing on this world, so beware.

you may get them (6 mb or so) directly from www.microsoft.com or from the frontpage 9x/2000 installation cdrom.

get the right file and unpack it to a directory, let's say "/usr/local/frontpage", MANUALY. you will get much less hurt, if you do it that way, without the installation script.

after this follow the SERK documentation that commes with it (even if "fpsrvadm" doesn't work with the commands they themself specified in version3.0, don't know about version4.0).

you will have to do changes in your httpd.conf and you will have to run "/usr/local/frontpage/bin/fpsrvadm" on all websites you want to free.

you most probably will also have to patch an apache source tree with the frontpage-patch...

i wish you good luck at this point :)

just ask if you have questions.
go check the compagny who is porting the fp extension to linux. www.rtr.com

you can also find rpm of fp-apache-1.3.9 already build

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jgoodierAuthor Commented:
duy, great got it, it works.  you can have the points.  do you know how to make it so a users home dir/html would be their web?
jgoodierAuthor Commented:
also does that rpm have the whole apache server with fp extensions?
Hi jgoodier,

yup you can make each users home to be their web its call sub-web
(I install a subweb into a ~username area)
run /usr/local/frontpage/fp_install.sh
(#sh fp_install.sh)
it will ask you questions:
1 - yes (backup)
2 - press enter (fp directory)
3- yes (continue installation)
4 - no (overwrite the extensions)
5 ... always respond no expect when you are at:
Install new sub/per-user webs now (y/n) [Y]?  

repond yes and follow the instructions

The rpm containt the whole apache server already compiled with fp extensions.

Well hope that help ^^

Thanks for the points !!
jgoodierAuthor Commented:
any idea where that is (the compiled rpm) this is a test system and I don't really care about losing data. I couldn't find the rpm at rtr or apache.
jgoodierAuthor Commented:
I got this error when I typed
sub web: ~username
Confirm password:
Cannot find the file for this URL - "/~username"
ERROR:  ~username installation failed.

Sorry, I am not that great with linux yet.
jgoodierAuthor Commented:
don't forget to propose your comment as answer!
jgoodierAuthor Commented:
I will try it out later on.
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