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Linker Error

Yeah Im having an Application written in 'C' and build under BorlandC++ 3.1. The application is DOS based. When I compile the whole application, Im getting a Linker Error : "Group DGROUP exceeds 64K".
Can anybody let me know how should i can overcome this problem, and can compile and link so that the executable of this application is formed.
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DGROUP is the segment which contains all global and static variables. They are normally confined to a single segment, which, in the Intel world, means a limit of 64K.

The simplest way out of this trap, is to select some number of large variables (large multidimensional arrays?) and allocate them dynamically instead.

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sajid_kAuthor Commented:
I would like to have somewhat more detailed explanations as to how i can overcome this problem.
Normally speaking, if you need more information, you don't grade the answer yet.

I know nothing about your code. So let me give you an example from situations I encountered.

Originally the program had a large array of strings:

char mitem[1000][17];

This will take up 17K in DGROUP. When DGROUP grew beyond 64K, I made it dynamic. The declaration became:

char (*mitem)[17];

Then space was allocated with:


This reduced the consumption in DGROUP from 17K to 4 bytes.
sajid_kAuthor Commented:
ok, thanks man, i think this will solve my problem.
   I think u should get all the points which are supposed to be for this answer.
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