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How come sometimes an error message will pop up that says something about not enough memory to open application, but I don't have anything else open?
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Memory can get fragmented, just like disk space can, but unlike disk fragmentation, a program cannot run using different blocks of memory. A good way to check if your memory is getting fragmented is to look at the About This Computer under the Apple menu from the Finder. If the available memory is a lot less than it "should" be (subtract your total installed memory from the memory used by open applications, that's how much total free memory you've got, but it may not be all in one chunk), it's getting fragmented. The fix is simple: a reboot will do it.

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You can easily spot applications that have memory leaks by those which do not give back the block they took (IE). It is all those malloc calls... poorly written code can produce memory leaks. You can also try Mac OS Purge, which will purge your memory in attempt to return the memory leaked by other applications.
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