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I'm trying the following:

I have a homepage without frames. However, the links from that page link
to a page with a frameset (fr.htm) with two frames (banner and main). How
do I specify links from the homepage so that the frameset page loads with the constant banner but different links in the "main" window? Somebody told me that this is precisely the weakness of frames. I sincerely hope he's wrong and that there's a way out.

Any help would be appreciated.


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bruce_steynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the description of your problem, I would say that the easiest solution in terms of being able to get a working result would be to have each of your links point to a different frameset. Then have each of your frameset pages setup so that the banner is constant and the links are different.

Requires a bit of labour to set up, but does work very well in the end. Have used the same solution in an Intranet environment and works well...only drawback is that each link results in a new frameset being loaded so the site will lose a bit of that "smooth" transitional effect until all pages are cached at which stage it gets better.

Hope this solves your problem.
priyoAuthor Commented:
No problem mate.
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