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Ok - i hate to ask such a simple sounding question but i will.  I just had one of our domains point to a new Red Hat Linux server.  this server is the main domain name server as well as it will eventually host a few domains on it.  I had the internic point the domain name to my new server.  no i was to setup an A record and an MX record.  I plan on using the sendmail package on the server so the server will also be used as a mail server so i also need to add an MX record.  I've set this up in NT but never in Linux.  I'm kind of doing this as a hobby.  What files do i need to modify to add the A record and the MX record and if i want to host more than one domain on one IP address what special modifications would i need to make.


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Read the DNS-Howto available at www.linux.org
I would suggest that you use linuxconf to modify your dns-files. It is not foolproof, but if you use the archiving features, you can always return to where you where.
ttrogdenAuthor Commented:
is it possible to run linuxconf from my remote telnet at home - via cable modem ??

In linuxconf you need to allow network access for linuxconf under
      Linuxconf network access
You also need to specify the allowed hosts. If you don't have a static ip address at home then you need to specify network with a mask of This basically allows anyone access to linuxconf via a browser to the url http://linuxhost:98/. They still need to know the root password.
If you feel unsecure with this you can telnet to the host and use textbased linuxconf. For a higher level of security you might wan't to look at ssh/slogin for encrypted "telnet".

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Go to the directory /var/named/XXXXXX
where XXXXXX is the name of your zone file. It is in this file that you put the MX and A record.
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