"Stalling" during Seti@home WU Download

I downloaded and installed the i686-pc-linux-gnu-gnulibc2.1 version of Seti@home text version for my Pentium II i686 PC running Red Hat V6.0.

When I run setiathome, it connects with the ftp site, downloads a wu, but slows down until finally stalling completely at around 110K point. A second attempt stalled after 20K.

Have kernel debugging/reporting enabled, which is how I can see the download activity decreasing packet-wise (via pppd). MTU size is 576 so not too large for IP; can ping site fine when it stalls.

Any ideas on why this is occuring and how to fix? Was able to download a WU OK on my WIN95 PC, so the Seti server is ok.

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I run seti@home OK on RedHat.  Could be an issue with your ISP?  Try the 586 version if there is one?  
JimIntrigliaAuthor Commented:
What version of Seti@home are you running with RedHat? What distro of Red Hat are you running? Thx.
those seti folks have BIG problems with network load on their servers! I Just can't download new WUs on weekends or during the evenings...
the seti version is the right one for Your machine, though; those hints towards the ISP could be right...

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JimIntrigliaAuthor Commented:
That has been suggested before... I don't buy the bad server possibility for the following reason:

When my Linux box stalls, I can boot my WIN95 PC and download a new wu with no problem. Never had this stall problem with my WIN95 PC.. both the Linux and Win PCs use the same ISP.

I am going to try the 586 version and then the one next down.. I am betting that this may be a Linux library problem. Plan to try this tommorrow, so I'll advise then.
Well, I have no problems at all with setiathome-1.3-i686-pc-linux-gnulibc2.1 on a Cyrix 6x86MX running under Linux 2.2.10, glibc is libc.so.6 (glibc 2.1.1). maybe it is just some weird IP problem? What kind of connection do YOu have to the internet?
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