Invalid Page Fault in Kernel32.dll...

I usually receive that error. Please help me !
I don't want to re-install Windows.
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If you frequently receive Invalid Page Fault in Kernel32.dll Errors, from different drivers (Explorer, Guide.exe, Msgsrv32, Commgr32, Mprexe and others), it is possible that your password list file is damaged. Try re-creating your password list file:

- Find and delete all *.PWL file in Windows folder
- Restart computer

Note: you will lose any passwords you have stored, so make sure that you have the passwords written down so you can re-enter them when needed

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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
jacky, please elaborate how you get the error? What you've done to stop it temporarily. Any defer effect on your computer e.g. black screen, hanged till next reboot, or can't open windows anymore etc...? This problem started from what changes that you've made? Or starting from the first date of your new/upgraded machine?

Normally invalid page fault see the [details] would relate to a program name? what is it?   What's your Pc configuration details?            pslh
Jacky, give this a try and tell us how your system is afterwards.
1. Rename your config.sys to config.old and your autoexec.bat to autoexec.old.

Next, have your WIndows 98 CD handy!

1. Reboot the PC and either hold the CTRL key down or tap the F8 key right after the memory post, but before the Stating Windows dialogue comes up. This will bring up the Windows 98 boot menu.

2. Choose #5, Command Prompt Only.

3. At the command prompt, change directories to C:\Windows\Command.

4. Now type SCANREG/FIX and touch enter. This will cause Windows to examine and repair the registry if needed.

5. When scanreg is done, reboot your PC.


1. Insert your Windows 98 CD into the drive.

2. Click Start, Run and type in SFC and click OK. This will start the System File Checker.

3. Now click the Settings button and select "check for damaged and deleted files and click OK then click Start.

4. Replace any damaged, corrupt or missing files. If files have changed, do not go by the dates of the files, go by the version numbers, higher numbers are better. Replaced files will be stored in a default directory, just accept it when it comes up.

5. When SFC is done, restart the PC.
JACKYAuthor Commented:
I tried TliK's comment first and did not received any error in 3 hours using computer (I usually get the error when using computer 20-30-60 mins before). I think the problem be solved.
Thanks for all of you.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Let's see!
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