Problem with X and/or video card

I have an S3 Trio3D with 2MB vram. It should be able to display 24bit at 1024x768 (it does in Win '98) but my X Window manager will only run at 640x480 and 256 colours.
Fiddling with /etc/XF86Config doesn't seem to help. I've also tried re-installing.
How can i make the resolution and colour depth higher?
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gedAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
to change the resolution run xconf
save it.
in the configuration file look for your video card definition
"#" denotes a comment
so if there is a "#" against the video mem uncomment it.
add this line
Option "nobit_blt"
Option "no_accel"
Option "hwcursor"
note the case and type exactly
remove this line if u have typed it

Option "nolinear"

now save it and type
startx -- -bpp 24

now it should work.
after starting X u can switch resolutions by pressing

ofcourse without the quotes
gedAuthor Commented:
I've been browsing around and i found a couple of other people with the same problem as me.
It turns out that Red Hat 6.0 (which i'm using, having installed Mandrake) doesn't recognise S3 Trio3D and it instead runs the generic VGA driver.
According to them i simply find a Suse distribution, install that, get the XF86Config file and then reinstall my original distribution and copy the new XF86Config over the top.
Thanks for the help anyway.
Some comments:

1) You do not need to install the full Suse Distribution, just download the Suse S3 Trio3D Xserver and copy that to your /usr/X11R6/bin/Xtrioserver (or something like that)

then relink /usr/X11R6/bin/Xtrioserver to /etc/X11/X

and, yes you need the corresponding Suse XF86Config file, or at least portions of which pertaining to the S3 Trio3D Device section

2) I wonder how you were able to get 1024x768 in 24 bit color under Windows 98 with just 2MB of video Ram? Unless your video card have 2.25 MB:

1024x768 x 3 bytes = 2,359,296 Bytes = 2304 KB = 2.25 MB

Most of the time, 16 bit color suffice, and you should be able to get 1152x864 16 bit color with 2MB video Ram
I've just done this yesterday - I have a S3 3D/2X card (4Meg). Not sure if you've got yours working yet, here are the problems I had:
The version of X has to be 3.3.5, the latest release (read the release notes from It doesn't use the S3 server, it uses the SVGA server - this vital piece of information is not listed under their supported video cards, it appears in the FAQ page (I also had another problem with the install that required one other patch, this is also detailed in the FAQ page).

Not sure if the chipset you are using is the same as mine, but I also had to add ChipID and Memory exlicitly in the XF86Config file in order to finally get it to work.

After a few hours last night I have got mine running quite happily at 1024x768 24bit - happy to help with any other info.

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