Can PC 100 DIMM modules be used on older mother boards that are running at 66mhz?

What voltage does the motherboard need to be set on.... 3v or 5v ?


please don't lock this question, I will award the points to the best answer.
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According to the experts at K-Byte the PC100 mem will slow to the 66 fbs and work.  I have done it with ASUS MB's.  And yes, it needs to be set at 3v.  You need to look at the Motherboard documentation sometimes it is listed there what SDRAM is needed and will be compliant.  It is going to depend upon how forgiving your motherboard is on this matter.
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Due to the fact that both of you said the same thing (basicly) I feel it only fair to award the points to the expert who answered first.

Thanks to both of you.

rayt333 you have the points.

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What happened to all the comments? Mine are missing for sure, I don't know about any others.

I don't really know Ray.  But your bringing this to my attention, I did now notice, that you were mentioned for the points.

So I will make you another question in this TA, for 150 points.  (good thing I keep records on these...LOL)  Sorry I missed this one.

Thanks buddy,

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