crt problems with P2

the programs i wrote on my old computer won't work on my new one, the computer gives everytime the same error (200 : division by zero). its only with programs which use the unit crt.
I m using the turbo pascal program from borland v6.0
does there exist a patch or something like that??
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HypoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Go visit these pages: 

This question has been posted on EE a couple of times now, you could check out the answer to those old questions!  However, I don't know if the patch for BP 7.x works for 6.x, but I found a "patch" for v 6.x on this page:
look at the NewDelay link on this page and you'll probably find what you're seeking.

koenraadAuthor Commented:
tanx, for the fast respons, sorry for my delay...
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