Networking Redhat 6 to win98

Hey there, I have a windows box and a Redhat 6 box.
how do I connect both to a network? all connections are running through a hub right now.. thanks alot. .

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barreroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
.. First of all... both computers must have TCP/IP installed (something made by default on all linux and by hand on Windows).

.... Second, as mentionned in the rejected answer, for a file server you need Samba. It's a server who allows you to send NetBIOS traffic (what MS uses over NetBEUI) over TCP/IP.

.... You should check if in the MS box, the option NetBIOS over TCP/IP is checked. Normally it is when TCP/IP is installed and configured.

.... Then in your linux machine, you need to install samba, as mentionned in the first point. This can be made at the install time (by selecting Samba and SMB supports), later by hand using rpm -i and the appropiate filenames, or completely by hand (sometimes it's better), by downloading the complete source from and compiling for you platform (there is a readme and install file who explain you how to achieve those tasks).

.... after you installed succesfully samba, you need to configurate it... normally the conf file is: smb.conf and it's located at /etc or /usr/local/samba/lib it depends in how you installed the app.
.... there is a manpage (man smb.conf) I don't want to reproduce here, becouse it's to long.... who explains you how to configure it. normally, for a simple use, you just need to change the WORKGROUP and HOMES tags...

.... finally, you restart the services (the daemons are called smbd and nmbd), you are ready to share files with your win95 box. Try first by searchig for the computer (find PC <linuxname>)... and you're done...
InvalidAuthor Commented:
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if yuo want to share a internet conenction (with the linux being the server) you need ipchains.

if you want filesharing you need samba (, but all modern linux distros has this preconfigured for you)
InvalidAuthor Commented:
I;m just interested in a file sserver. .
how do I use samba/?
give me a detailed explanition?


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