Sound: Multiple Wave Playback?

Is there any way to get multiple applications to play sounds at the same time? EG. Playing MP3s with XMMS and having my TiK buddy list chime when people log on. I've found esd which allows this but I haven't had good experiences with it (slow, skips frequently, must build in esd support to applications)... I've got a SBLive! card, btw. Is this a function of the driver or is there some kind of software layer (esd style) that must sit on top of the driver? Are there any software solutions that are transparent (programs work as usual, but software intercepts sound playing)?
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both... if You have a card where the driver allows to play more than one sample stream at once, You won't need no esd (or something like that). The commercial version of OSS allows that...

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jguerinAuthor Commented:
Hmm thanks. Few follow-ups. I've got a SBLive that plays multiple streams in Windows. I know the Live drivers are in beta right now, but when the full version is released what will I have to do in order to get the multiple stream playback thing to work? Do I -need- the commercial version of OSS or will the one that ships in the linux kernel packages work? Or am I completely off on this one? I'm not sure how the sound card drivers that ship in the linux distributions fit in with OSS.
Dunno 'bout the kernel drivers, maybe they should be very good soon... Creative put them open source a few days ago..., just try the demo version of OSS/commercial...
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