BDE, MSSQL6.5 & DateTime type (BDE Setup???)

What is the correct configuration of BDE (and MSSQL Server) that allows to
read/modify fields of MSSQL DateTime type ?
I use BDE/Delphi4, Date format is DDMMYY... and have no idea how to avoid annoying 'SQL: cannot convert datetime from string'.
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chigrikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Uncheck "Use international settings" in SQL Client Configuration Utility.
It must work.
Gustavo Perez BuenrostroCommented:
Why don't you use ISO Standard date format from Delphi?

ISO Date Standard:yyyymmdd
martinplAuthor Commented:
I have to use my national date standard
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Gustavo Perez BuenrostroCommented:
Try setting Date format from Delphi.
Consult DATEFORMAT statement in BOL.
Gustavo Perez BuenrostroCommented:
Gustavo Perez BuenrostroCommented:

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