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I want to have a pop up window that the user must close (by clicking a button/image/text or just closing the window) before they can continue. How do i do this?
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memilaviConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The 'confirm' method:

Displays a Confirm dialog box with the specified message and OK and Cancel buttons.
Syntax: confirm(message)
'message' is the message to be displayed in the dialog box.
Returns: true - if OK pressed
         false - if Cancel pressed


The 'propmt' method: (Sorry, not 'abort')

Displays a Prompt dialog box with a message and an input field, and OK and Cancel buttons.

Syntax: prompt(message[,defaultValue])
'message' is the message to be displayed in the dialog box.
'defaultValue' is the default value of the input field.


The 'alert' method:

Displays dialog box with message and OK button.

Syntax: alert(message)
'message' is the message to be displayed in the dialog box.


All of the above methods should function properly in IE as in NS, therefore they are recommended if there is no need for more complicated modal windows.

Good Luck!
In IE 4.0 and later, there is a JavaScript function named:


Using this function you can create a modal dialog the user must close in order to continue. The dialog will be the page specified at the 'url' argument.

The disadvantage of this method is, of course, it is useful only in IE 4.0 and later.

There are less sophisticated functions in JavaScript, which are rellevant to NS as to IE. These are the 'alert', 'confirm' and 'abort' functions.

If you want to use them instead of the 'showModalDialog', write back and I'll give you full explanation.
fwickesAuthor Commented:
Yes I would like to know about 'alert', 'confirm' and 'abort'
fwickesAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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