A dialog box comes up every time I try to create a new message using Outlook (2000). I click OK and it goes away but I was curious what it was and how to get rid of it.

The message says...The add-in "NXPEXT.DLL" could not be installed or loaded.Use detect and repair on help menu (which I did and it didn't change anything). It goes on to say unable to load NXPEXT32.DLL.

I tried to find these files on my Office 2000 and Win98 disks and they were not there.

Anyone know what this is all about?
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Hi Reader,

Think this will help although meant for OL97


OL97: Error Message: "Unable to load NXPEXT32.DLL"

same goes for OL98


Let me know


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READERAuthor Commented:

That did it!

"The PC world is getting too complicated". Just think how good it will be when they break up Microsoft (YUK YUK).

My condolences (over loss to USC)  if the "Bruin" in your handle stands for UCLA.
Not that I know of.....

"Bruintje Beer" is a little bear  children stories, here in the Neterlands.

bruin = brown
beer = bear

Good that it did work..
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