Upgrading Video built in the Motherboard

I have an old Acer Aspire I would like to give to my girlfreind when I get my new "toy". Right now it has only 1mb of video RAM on the motherboard. According to Acer, there are no longer any memory chips to upgrade the video RAM to 2mb (it's limit). The old motherboard has a 166 Pentium on it, w/ 32mb of RAM. She won't be playing many video-intensive games, but the computer is freezing up sometimes w/ some games now (I'm fairly sure it's due to the low video memory, and I have to re-boot).
I'm wondering if I add a PCI video card (recommendations?? VooDoo or an ATI product???) will the WIN95 PnP recognize the new card and over-ride the on-board video memory, or will I have to adjust jumpers on the motherboard (the manual, and company, have been no help) to cancel that memory and only recognize the new PCI video?
I know, I should just be the chivalrous type and give her the new toy, but... NAH!!!

Thanks for your help.

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Depends on the BIOS, but it'll usually recognize the new PCI card.  I say get the Voodoo3 3000 PCI card for the old comp - that would extend its usable life by a year or so, and allow her to run Rainbow Six (shameless plug for the best simulation out there).
Since you haven't given any specifics about the computer except it has an Acer name and a P166 processor, it's hard to answer definitively. I've worked on at least one Acer P166 where a graphics adaptor add-on just slipped in and worked without the motherboard needing a jumper change. I suggest you give it a try on yours. You really don't have anything at risk if you try. The worst that can happen is that the motherboard won't accept the card, and when you take the card out you'll be back where you started.

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You may check your bios, many of them with onboard video have a disable funcion. Just installing the PCI card should work.  Either ATI or Voodoo, they both make great video cards.  I personally like ATI
go into control panel, system, device manager, and hilight the onboard video and click on properties, select disable in all profiles, then install your new vid card and reboot.

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