out of memory??

   after about 2min of login the system gives the error :
Out of memory for update
Out of memory for kdm
Out of memory for httpd
Session closed for user: username

then it logouts.....
i am using linux mandrake 6.0/glibc2.2.9 kernel2.2.9-19mdk...
how do i get about it !!!! subhro

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mhomannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
did You set up some swap file? how big? You should have a swap file at least twice the size of Your ram... (Yeah, I know, collosal disk eater on machines with lots of ram, on those You could do with the size of Your RAM + a little bit more...)
How much ram do you have?
What processes are running in the background?
Stop all the processes which you don't need. Try not to use KDE but a WM with a smlaller footprint like fvwm/afterstep, etc.
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