Pre-Installed User

When I install programs like Word 97, the program says it belongs to Pre-Installed User.
Where can I change this so it will have my name instead of Pre-Installed User?
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crojasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using a diskette distribution of Word or Excel?

Because when you use a diskette distribution in the first installation will be copied the name of the first user, but if you are using a cd-rom you can edit the user name.

If ou are talknig about the name of Windows installation, you can find it in the regedit:


But when you have MSOffice installed you can't change the user or at least this information is no in the Registry.

It is picking up the Windows registered user. Run Regedit, click on edit, find.

In the find what window type the owners last name. Click find next. When found right click and choose modify. Type in the new owner click okay. Then press the F3 key to search for other entries.

If found repeat above procedures. When the notice "finished searching registry"
comes up you are done.

Alternativly if you are using one of the later releases of the win 95 product, you will find a "users" icon in th control panel, either rename the default user account or modify it from this utility
gewalkersAuthor Commented:

When I install a program like Word or Excell they refer to the user as 'Pre-Installed User'.
But searching through Regedit I find no reference to 'Pre-Installed User'.
So I do not know where to change things so programs will install using my name.

I do not want to bother logging onto Windows so I try to avoid the Users function in Control Panel.
Did you search the registry for the name that "pre-installed user" refers to? There will not be an entry for "pre-installed user" in that format.

If you seach for the last name you will find the entry.

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