why no submit button to answer question?

I'm trying to answer it, but get no submit button.
I don't have time now, so leaving the answer here. Could someone point it out to the asker?
Comment for Q10236310...
Visual basic is the easiest.
You add to your toolbox a "Communications" control.

You get a nice little picture of a "telephone" on your toolbox.
You drag it onto the form, set it's properties, and start coding.
The VB helps you along the way.

MSDN (The Microsoft help site) gives a very comprehensive and easy explanation of serial ports and using this "Communications control".
It's in

Each device (like your voltage meter) comes with documentation, telling you what you send the device to set it up, and what you will be getting back.
This you can download from Tektronix site: www.tek.com
at the:
Choose the tds2x32.zip, download and read the expamples.

Have fun, Moshe
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Did you look way over to the right of the page?
On the bootm of the page there is a small text edit control where you can enter the text of your answer. Just above that there are two radio buttons, 'Comment' and 'Answer'. Select answer. Below the text edit there is a checkbox, with the text 'Check here if you'd like an email notification...' Make sure its checked.
mflamAuthor Commented:
I know. I have already 900 expert points in 3 days.
I HAD NO submit button on that one.
I'll try it now and post here again if I get the submit back...
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mflamAuthor Commented:
Ozo, Nietod, hello:

Nietod, thanks. Although it seems he didn't look.

Ozo, thanks. It's there on the far right. (why? - bug in site?)

OK which of you want the points?

BTW I'm almost out of regular points, and accumalated quite a few expert points. How do I get some more regular ones, or can I post questions on my expert points?

ADVAthanksNCE, Moshe
Bugs can be reported in the Customer Service/EE Community Support topic area
extra points can be purchased there too.
You could also check out
or wait for your 5 free points per day.

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mflamAuthor Commented:
The reason of course is the long line of someones answer.

They'll (you'll?) probably fix that in the newlook. I'll wait and see.

Thanks again,
Out of points, Moshe
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