c compiler

I have installed linux 6.1 to my pc i am new to  linux word. My c copiler is not working properly i have reinstalled it many times. When everi am compling my programe error's comes
filename.c : 1: stdio.h : no such a file or directory
Do u have solution for it
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Have you installed the header files and the development libraries? The problem des not appear to be in the compiler but in the libs and/or headers.
arvindrajputAuthor Commented:
yes i have installed all libraries and header file.
    I think i have missed some thing can u send processor to install them
please post the include instruction you used to include stdio.h, thanx
the include function is this

make sure you install the egcs compiler and library. Also if you look at the KERNEL howto you can see where to download this compiler

to include stdio.h do

#include <stdio.h>

then compile it via

g++ file.c


NOTE: you can use a c++ compiler with c program code because it's backward compatible in some way.

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jetx, stop confunding people will you? ;)
c++ compilers are not backward compatible in "some way", the standard c compilers you get/build alongside with the c++ compliers ARE a subset of them...

a., you may of course use gcc/egcs instead of g++
also, don't use this ugly form for compiling an application, you could use (for example):

gcc -o executable_filename filename.c

and run ./executable_filename afterwards
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