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I am making a round image for a logo, when i export it to ajpg file and insert that to a web page, the image dhows a white background on my dark page, how can i ger rid of that box arroud it. I use photpopaint and photoshop4.
1 Solution
In jpg format, you can not make a color transparent.  Convert it to gif and make the background transparent.  In PSP 5 and PSP 6 this is done frome the Image section on the toolbar  I'm not certain where it is in in Adobe.  Alternatively, using jpg you could make the backgound the same color or pattern as the web page.  
sml41Author Commented:
<<Alternatively, using jpg you could make the backgound the same color or pattern as the web page>>

I did this but still there is a white box arround it in ie5 page.

Isn't this an hmtl q? I mean, if you put the image on your page, you use something like

<img src="myimage.gif">

try adding border="0" to it.

<img src="myimage.gif" border="0">

Hope this helps...

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If your after a background that is perfectly flat - DONT USE JPG. Even at the best compression it can leave marks or dots on the image.
If you can use

Chewymon was right. If you can convert it to gif.

In photoshop
1. Go to image/mode/index
2. then file/export/gif89a
3. Select a transparent colour

bish bosh job done!
yes, convert the image to gif first, because gif images have alpha channel.
you can then select only the white alpha from the channels.  
or use the method taught by simonok.
or try this, the simple way.
get a new photoshop document, fill with the texture you use for your web page.
(if your web page is black, simply paint bucket your new photoshop document)
then copy and paste the logo to the darkened background.
sml41Author Commented:

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