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How can I recovery data from hard disk, when it produce sound "click - click", and than stop rotating. BIOS can't recognize a HD, so software solutions like Tiramisu or Lost&Found is out of question. Anyway, can anyone describe the way how professional Data Recovery companies fix this problems. Which kind of equipment they use, and why these procedure is so mistical.


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If the data is valuable, then send the drive to the pros to get it recovered. It will cost you several hundred dollars, and they earn every cent of it. You don't want to learn Data Recovery 101, 201, 301 and 499 on your own valuable data. You'd have to invest far more in equipment as well than what they'd charge you.

That clicking sound indicates your drive is essentially dead. The more you try to use the drive, the more likely you are to damage the data that's stored on it. With any luck the data is still intact, even though the drive mechanism can't get at it for you.

If you have the contents of the drive backed up, or if the contents aren't that valuable to you, then just replace the drive with a new one. If the drive is less than three years old, it is likely covered by a manufacturer's warranty, and you can get it replaced by the manufacturer at only the cost to you of shipping the dead drive to them. Check the manufacturer's web site for details on how to proceed.
The procedure for recovering data from a trashed hard disk drive isn't mystical, it just takes special equipment and knowhow.

Basically the process is to salvage whatever data patterns remain on the drive media.  Most recovery shop will remove the disk platters from the drive and clean or repair them as necessary.  Then they will load them into a special fixture that is essentially a "open-air" drive mechanism that can be specially controlled.  They read the data patterns off the media as best they can making a map of where data was recovered and where it wasn't.  Then they take that recovered data and analyze it based on the file system type that was on the disk.  They reconstruct the recovered data as best they can and send you the results.

It costs a lot of money since it takes special, usually custom made equipment, and a lot of human intervention.  It's a specialized service business.

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BTW, as ALWAYS, the best and also least expensive way to recover lost data is to restore it from your own backup media.
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