Lost D drive while defragging with Symantic System works

I have D:\PRogra~\Quarte~\Cleans~cshook.vxd popping up on rootup every time I restart my computer as a missing file. I would like to know how I could possibly fix this situation and get my D drive to show up on mycomputer. My e-mail address is GerryG516@aol.com. Thanking youin advance for any help you can afford me, Gerry Gouthro
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Gerry have you moved the Norton System works from your "C:" drive to your "D:" drive.
If you have then this is likely the problem.

You could also use the "file find" command to find the file that is reported as missing and copy it to the location in which it is expected.

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It appears that you are new to this site, and with that welcome! There are some issues though that I would like to make you aware of. The protocol (albeit unwritten) that is observed here by the techs is that suggestions, best guesses and the like be posted as comments, thereby leaving the question open for review by other techs. Answers are only posted when there is certainty that it will resolve the problem or the questioner requests it. Your cooperation would be appreciated.
Hi Gerry,

Unfortunately Mindblade blocked this question from review by other techs here by proposing an answer that was a "maybe" at best.

Given the information that you have posted, eg: (1) The file call that is being attempted from your "D" drive, during the boot process, and (2) the fact that you can't access or are not seeing the "D" drive in windows indicates one or more of these possibilities:

Your "D" drive (if a second physical hard drive) has either (A) Gone bad, or (B) the ribbon cable to it has become loosened, or (C) the power connector to the drive has come loose.

If that "D" drive is one of two partitions on a single drive, the drive may (A) have an error on the "D" partition, (B) someone removed the "D" partition, or (C) someone formatted the "D" partition causing the loss of files.

Given that you can't see the "D" drive in windows, I would opt for one of the following:

The ribbon or power cable came loose from the drive or it went bad, IF it was a second hard drive.


Someone removed the "D" partition from the drive if "C" and "D" partitions were on the same hard drive.

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