Borland C++ version issues...


I am just starting to learn C++, and recently bought  the Borland C++ compiler (5.02)

At school, we have an earlier version of Borland (I think 3. something) which, when you compile and run a program, it executes it in a windows envireonment, and does not close the window when the program is done running. It simply says it's "inactive."

Now that I have 5.02 at home, I wrote a simple program to try it out, and the Borland 5.02 I have at home opens the program in a DOS window and closes it out immediately after it is done running. I can't even see the message I wrote to myself!

So what is going on?

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You command prompt is currently set-up to close the window when the program finishes.  You can change this setting, but it is easier to leave the setting the same and add some code that forces the program to wait for a return at the end like

int main ()

     *   *   *

   char Chr;
   cin >> Chr;
   return 0;

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Alternativly; set a breakpoint at the return statement in main
For get such effect, as in 3.1, you
must use EastWin mode to you
project(i think, you use console Apps).
In View|Project set mouse to you exe, press right button,chouse
TargetExpert and from Table
TargetType chose EasyWin[.exe]
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