Rumor about CAD-related problems with AMD CPUs.

I'm starting to ponderate the aquisition of a new computer, or at least upgrade from my tyred P166, and whend i was considering the AMD's K6-2 and K6-III Iwas told that theese processors don't work well with CAD programs specially with AUTOCAD 14 for Windows. I am writting to you sirs hopping that someone knows if this isn't but a hoax, started by who knows who... , or if it has any sound base. Thank you for your time.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The issue with the AMD processors (prior to the Athlon) was their floating point performance compared to a similar speed Intel Pentium CPU.  In general, the AMD math functions are considerably slower than Intel's and this has an adverse effect on many CAD programs which make heavy use of floating point math.

In general, however, a current 450MHz AMD K6/III will run circles around your P166 so it will be a significant upgrade.  A Pentium III 450, however, will outperform the K6 on floating point but is considerably more expensive.
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