LOGO.SYS animation

I know it can be done but dont know of a program that can be used to actually change the LOGO.SYS
Does anyone know of a program you can edit or make changes to the exsting LOGO.SYS in frame format. So that I can change it to suit me etc.
Ive tried my Animation editors and It wont reconise the *.sys format...
There must be a way of produceing the animation effect in the LOGO.SYS
Please help..

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We use this procedure to create our company logo.sys files. This will help and guide you in creating you own. It can be done in Microsoft Paint or any program that can create a *.bmp file or convert to a bmp file of the correct size.


During an OEM preinstallation of Windows 9x, one might want to test the
appearance of the System Properties and Startup Screen logos.
To test the Startup Screen logo, please follow the procedure detailed below:
1. Create a Logo.bmp file according to the Startup Screen logo specifications.
   The Preinstallation Guide specifies the Startup Screen logo should be 156 x
   22 pixels, 256 colors.
2. Run Oemstamp.exe. This file is under your Wizard folder of the reference
   computer. The syntax for this command is:
   Oemstamp logo.bmp
3. This creates the Logo.sys file under the directory in which you ran
4. If it exists, rename the \Logo.sys file; for example, Logo.old.
5. Copy the new Logo.sys file, which you created, to \Logo.sys.
6. Click Start, Shutdown, select Restart, and click OK to reboot the reference
   You should be able to see your logo on the startup screen when the machine
7. Once you have tested your Startup Screen logo, delete the \Logo.sys file.
   Rename Logo.old file as Logo.sys, if it exists.
For modifying the Startup Screen logo on the target machine, please follow steps
1-3 above on the reference or other computer. Steps 4-6 should be done on the
target machine in audit mode.
To test the System Properties logo, please follow the procedure detailed below:
1. If your reference machine contains an OEM release of Windows 95 or 98 which
   was preinstalled, then rename the Oemlogo.bmp present under the
   C:\Windows\System folder. For example, You could rename it to
   If your reference machine runs Windows 95 or Windows 98, which was not
   preinstalled, then please do the following:
2. Open Notepad and type in the following where <somename> denotes your
   company name:
3. Save the file as "Oeminfo.ini" (with the quotation marks) under the
   C:\Windows\System Folder.
4. Create a System Properties logo file according to the specifications. The
   Preinstallation Guide specifies the System Properties logo to be 96 x 96
   (small fonts), or 120 x 120 (large fonts), 256 colors.
5. Save this file as Oemlogo.bmp under the C:\Windows\System folder.
   You can now check the appearance of your System Properties logo by opening
   Control Panel, and double-clicking the System icon.
6. Delete the new Oemlogo.bmp file and rename the Oemlogo_old.bmp file as
   Oemlogo.bmp, if it exists.
To Modify the System Properties logo:
1. Copy the OEMlogo.bmp file under the C:\Windows\System folder of your target
2. Click Yes if prompted to replace the existing file.
   You can now check how the new logo appears.

michaeldiAuthor Commented:
OK Im a little lost I a copy of windows 95 that is allready installed

I want to check we are talking about the same thing I am talking about having an animated LOGO.SYS, I want change the logo.sys but keep the orginal animation on the bottom of it or perhaps add my own animations.
The instructions you gave me refer to oeminfo.ini ????? which is different..
The instruction you gave me refer to oemlogo.sys which i dont have on my computer.

Sorry if ive gone off track here
can you explain

michaeldiAuthor Commented:
Also am I right that in paint you can not animate a LOGO.SYS you can only change it but as soon as you save it it will lose the animation.
Which is my Question?
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What I posted is the entire procedure that Microsoft recommends for changing this file. If you have the OEM version of Win98, then the OEM files would be pertinent to you such as Oemlogo.sys and Oeminfo.ini, but otherwise just ignore that portion and use the dimensional information to formulate the bitmap picture. You can also use any other form of graphics editor as long as you adhere to the dimensional information.

As for the animation, I presume that you are referring to the animated stripe that appears at the bottom of screen during the boot process. This cannot be edited as it is designed to enable tech support to monitor the loading process of Windows, either 95 or 98.


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michaeldiAuthor Commented:
Sorry to come back yet again on this one however :-
I already new that LOGO.SYS can be edited in any standard paint application however ive seen many replacement LOGO.SYS's as well as LOGOS.SYS's and LOGOW.SYS's on the net which are fully animated.

Where is you are saying it it is not posible, it is or there must be a way that windows does it or a way that you can convert it, so that it does.

Can you just confirm to me how you think they do it
Okay, let's not confuse two issues here. You are not actually animating the logo.sys file, you are animating the palette that it is using.

This URL should help you with what you want to do (I believe)


Here is a freeware program that may do what you are looking for, it says for Win95 but I am using it on Win98 with no problems
The LogoManager/Animator is a Windows 95 utility for replacing the standard Windows startup, shutdown, and turn-off logos  with a logo of your choice.  Install one of the preformatted  images that come with LogoManager or use one of your own.
The package includes ZD Net's LogoAnimator, which allows  you to animate the palette of your favorite images for use  as the Windows 95 startup image.

ZD Net's LogoManager/Animator for Windows 95
michaeldiAuthor Commented:
Thats the one.. Thats more like what I wanted to know thank you
michaeldiAuthor Commented:
Michaeldi, whos process did you follow here, mine, Rayt333 or both?
michaeldiAuthor Commented:
I followed yours, because it worked, thanks for your help, I thought id aleady given the points hence the comment a while back
Hi Mike, thanks for letting me know. The reason I asked is that I just want to make sure that the right people get credit for an answer. If you had used Rayt's, I would have asked that E&E recognize that.
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