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I have several pages with 360 degree panoramic views on them.  Unfortunately, they need a specific plug-in in order for them to be viewed.  How can I have this plug-in available to download on my page instead of the user having to go to the plug-in download page which is very complicated and confusing.  It is a compressed file and loads automatically once you download it and click on it.  This would make it easy for non-technical uses to view these pages without much of a hassle.

Thanks for your help.

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ZIP up the plug-in and upload it to your site. Create a link to it for example:
<a href="http://www.domain.com/folder/plugin.zip">Click on here to save the required plug-in</a>
You might want to give a brief explanation on installing it...
Clicking on that link would automaticaly promt the server to save the file to the disk!

Regards, Edi

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I ment surfer... not server!

Try this...

<script language="JavaScript">
function checkPlugin(plugin, theURL, altURL, IEGoesToURL) { //v2.0
  if ((navigator.plugins && navigator.plugins[plugin]) || //if NS, or
      (IEGoesToURL &&  //if flag set, and MSIE browser for Win95/NT (ActiveX)
       navigator.appName.indexOf('Microsoft') != -1 &&
       navigator.appVersion.indexOf('Mac') == -1 &&
       navigator.appVersion.indexOf('3.1') == -1)) {
    if (theURL.length>2) window.location = theURL;
  } else {
    if (altURL.length>2) window.location = altURL;
  document.returnValue = false;

<BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF" onLoad="checkPlugin('PluginName Plug-In','','http://www.urserver.com/pluginname.exe',true);return document.returnValue">

That way it will check for the plugin and load it if the user doesn't have it...

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c861582Author Commented:
egbservices  already gave me the answer! serverer COLLECT!
c861582Author Commented:
Thank you!
c861582Author Commented:
To egbservices:

There is no "accept comment as answer" on these forms for some reason.  Please make another comment or change your comment to an answer so I can give you the points.


Hello c861582
Thanks for your last comment. Your question is already under the heading "Previously Asked Questions: Available for 10% of their original value" So the points must have gone somewhere. I am kind of new to this EE too and not really to concerned about the points I can make. I'ts more fun to share my little html knowledge to help somebody.
These days technology changes too fast. What you have learned yesterday is old stuff tomorrow. That's why the EE idea of sharing knowledge makes it possible to solve problemsand do a good computer based job without having to be an expert on all the required subjects. Edi
c861582Author Commented:
O K Edi and thanks very much for the help.  i don't know where the points went.  Like you, I don't much care about points, (so long as I have enough to give for an answer.)  Have a wonderful holiday (if you are in the U.S.) If not, just have a wonderful day anyway!  If you get a chance here is my website! http://charliebcc.web.com

It is time to clean this abandoned question up.  

I am putting it on a clean up list for CS.

points to egbservices


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Date: 11/21/1999 03:59PM PST  That's a long time ago!!!
Remember the song... Those were the days my friend...

Thanks Cd& and team
1999 is nothing ...  this week we cleaned up some stuff all the way back to 1997.   lol

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