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I am using Coldfusion to serve access database to web. I have a "closed site" that is used to update the database. What I need to do is provide some sort of approval process so that the entered info doesn't go online straight away, but waits for approval from an authorized person. What is the best/most common way to implement this? At the moment I have the information going live immediately and need a solution asap to this glaring error in my design, Thank you,
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I had a similiar experience with a site that allowed users to enter event info for a big "upcoming local events" page.

I simply created an additional table that cued the events, which allowed the person who ran the events page to go into the back-end of the site, view the events that had been submitted, make changes to them if they needed to, and check the ones to add or delete. When the submit button was pressed, the data was removed from the cue, and added to the live database.

Hope that helps.

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I'd like to add one point that's not directly related to the question but I noticed that you are using an Access database and this can create a severe bottleneck in your application.

If you expect to have any more than a few users you will probably want to consider moving to an enterprise level RDBMS. Access is just not made to handle the sort of load that you can experience on the web with multiple users hitting the database simultaneously.

For more information read the Knowledgebase Article 564 - Using Microsoft Access Databases in a Production Environment at 

Good Luck,

Depending on the scope of your application, it may be feasible for you to simply add an "Approved" field or somesuch.
I've done this before using small apps, a simple checkbox in the field (I was using Access). When I did my queries to gather the data, I queried for WHERE Approved = 1 (the box would be checked if it were approved), and created an admin site where the records could be approved.
It's not fancy, and SGC's example is by far better database design (though more complex).
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Thank you
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