Linux install - RedHat 6.1 CD not recognized as in the CD-ROM drive.

My drive has been "flattened" and ready for install of Redhat 6.1.
But when I get to the point in the beginning of the install where it prompts me to insert the CD and press OK, I receive a message that my CD is not recognized as a Redhat Linux CD.  What do I need to
do to progress and complete the install?
(Notes - The partitions were deleted through a previous install attempt)

Also, at the beginning of the install I'm prompted for a driver disk, where do I get the files to create such a disk and could the lack of drivers be the problem that my Redhat 6.1 CD is not being recognized as the drive seems to perform fine?)
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roberto122399Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you booting off of CD or floppy? If you are using floppies make sure that they are for the CD you have and not for another version ie RedHat 5.2.
You can make new ones using rawrite to create new boot disks
from the images on your current cd or you can go to and download the 6.1 ISO and burn a CD from that (that's what I used)
9darjan9Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
Three questions:
1) What sort of CD drive? Is it IDE, SCSI, or attached to another kind of interface?
2) What sort of RedHat CD is it? Is it a genuine original from RedHat or someone else, or is it a 'burnt in' copy of an ISO image?
3) Has the CD drive previously been OK with CD ROMs?
If the CD was Burned .. it is wrong .. it must be created from an ISO like warmana said!!

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